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Styling The Theme

Changing the theme colors is super easy – the theme provides options to change all the colors used from the admin panel without any coding. You can completely change the look of the theme for a few seconds. Here are some examples of the styling options the theme provides:


Changing the main theme color


We have included a set of chosen colors that nicely fit the theme’s design


Picking a custom color


Apart the color options that we have chosen for the theme, you can also pick your custom color.


Choosing a pattern


You can choose between one of the 23 patterns the theme provides.


Uploading a pattern


We have also included an option to upload a custom background/pattern image if you prefer to use your own one.


Changing the logo


It is very easy to change the logo – just upload the image and set its size.


Building your custom skin


Setting different styling settings to the theme can be done very easily from the admin panel. The theme provides options to change the style for all the main parts, such as background colors, text colors, etc. Additionally, we have included a color picker next to each color field, so you can more easily select the colors you like.

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