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Styled Elements

Flexible Buttons


With the new Styling Buttons included in this theme you can apply Button styles to anything. This is how the default style of a button looks:

Button It Is Flexible Button

Also there is a included color picker so that it is relay easy for user to apply a different color styles.

Color Picker Rain Bow Resizable Buttons


Table Design


Tables are great to present information in a clear, structured form. This is how the default table design looks like.

Header Item 1 Header Item 1 Header Item 1 Header Item 1
Item 1 Item 1 Item 1 Item 1
Item 1 Item 1 Item 1 Item 1
Item 1 Item 1 Item 1 Item 1

Info boxes


For diplaying messages for highlighting important information, notes, failure or success of an action.

Info: Insert your text here
Note: Insert your text here
Error: Insert your text here
Tip: Insert your text here


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